Deutsche Bahn | A Surprise in VR

Studio: 3Spin Client: Deutsche Bahn Role: Art Direction, Technical Direction, VFX, Editing

Deutsche Bahn tasked us at 3Spin to create an experience where passersby in Berlin’s train station would get to experience a VR based marketing campaign that focused on the many offerings available at the Deutsche Bahn train stations all over Germany. The film itself is about the panic of forgetting a gift after leaving on a trip, with the climax point being where the headset comes off and reveals a real flower shop around the viewer and the relief of being able to purchase a replacement at the train station.

I was tasked with creating the VR film itself and ensuring the concept and technical aspects would align. This included pre-production testing and meeting with the crew to ensure that we would be able to achieve the goal of having hands interacting with the world in the 360 Degree movie without seeing the person. This was something noone had done before and therefore was a big challenge to complete. Below is the making of showing the crew filming the scenes and how the 360 film was shot.